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Online orders

1. How can I order from your online store?

  1. Our selection is divided into categories. Feel free to browse them. After clicking on an item you can see its details and the size and color selection we have in stock.
  2. Put your selected item in your virtual shopping car by choosing the option "TO BASKET". There you can choose the quantity (the default setting is one piece).
  3. If you are not done with shopping yet, then click on "CONTINUE SHOPPING".
  4. Once you have selected all your desired items and you have set the quantities as well then click on "CHECK OUT". If you are not a registered user of, our system will ask for your shipping details that you can save for further use.
  5. Following that click on "Continue to shipping method" and choose a suitable shipping method:
    • Pick Up At Store: this option allows you to get your order at  Szputnyik shop D-20 (1074 Budapest, Dohány u 20). Since you will come personally to get your packege, there is no additional shipping fee at that option. You can get your order withing 3 days of completing your order.
    • GLS Parcel Service: Choose this option is you would like your order to be delivered to the address you have given us, and you are willing to pay or transfer its price and the price of shipping to Reszputnyik Kft.
  6. Once you have chosen a shipping method you can "Continue to payment method". For the detailed description of each payment method click on them:
    • You can pay by card with SimplePay, that option transfers you to SimplePay's (powered by OTP Mobil) site where you can pay under safe circumstances.
      Cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express
    • You can also pay through PayPal provided you have a registered account to their service. You can pay by card there and it is easy to set up. When clicking on "Review Order" you'll be redirected to PayPAl's secure site to finalise your order easily. After giving the required information then you'll be transferred back to your Cart where you can finish your transaction by clicking on "Complete order".
    • You can pay by Bank deposit as well. You will recieve an e-mail with the things you'll have to do next.
    • The Personally in the shop option allows you to pay the whole sum of you order at Szputnyik shop D-20. You can identify yourself with your order ID number ( for example #1234). You can also send a trustee to collect and pay for your order. We accept both cash and credit card at the store. You will recieve all the information you'll need in a confirmation e-mail.
  7. When you have choosen the payment method, please review your billing address, then click on "Review order" . If you find all your data correct then click on "Complete order". This is an act that makes you obliged to pay, meaning you finalize the order by that.
  8. Our system will automatically send you a confirmation e-mail with the details of your order and your order's ID number (eg.: #1234 ). You can get information on your order by that ID number through, or by calling +36 20 392 9171.

2. I have seen a product in your online store, do you have it in different colors and sizes?

We always attach the full color and size range to a product in our online store.

If the color or size you are looking for is not listed next to the product, then we are sorry, but we do not have it right now. You can pre-order it and we will notify you immediately when it will be available.

3. Why do I have to be registered to be able to order?

You can surf the site freely anytime, however you have to be registered and logged in to be able to purchase an item.

Advantages of being a registered user:

  • Your inforation will be automatically saved, making your next order much easier.
  • This way we can stay connected and inform you about our sales and discounts.

4. In which cases can I pre-order something, and what is in it for me?

You can pre-order an item if it is currently out of stock, or we do not have it in the color/size/pattern you are loonking for.

You can do it in person in one of our stores or through

We will need the following information

  • your name
  • your email address
  • please, if you order in email attach the photo or online store link of the item
  • the color/size/pattern you are looking for

We will save that information to our database and inform you right away when your desired item becomes available again.

An important thing to note is that pre-order is simply an opportunity for you, we can guarantee that we will save the item for you if it will be restocked, we cannot promise, however, that it will be restocked at all.

You will not be obliged to purchase the pre-ordered item once it becomes available.

5. What if I forgot my registration data?

You should follow the instructions by clicking „Forgot your password?” under the „Log in”, type your email address.

Within some minutes, you can use your site again.

6. How can I edit my registered information?

You can edit or change your data anytime you want.

Choose the "My Account” option and click on "View Addresses" you can find and edit all your previously submitted addresses.

Do not forget that your order will be shipped to the address given before completing the purchase. If you would like to get it shipped to a different location please click on "Change shippind address".

7. How to know if the product fits me?

We try to describe the items thoroughly. At the Size Guide Guide you can see them lying flat with measures. Also you can see what and how we measured. Compare the given data with your own sizes.

8. I have changed my mind about the product I ordered, what do I do?

No problem! In that case, after you recieve your package you have 14 days to leave off the deal. More information under Guarantee and warranty.

9. I have seen a product yesterday that has been sold out by today. Is it possible that it will be restocked?

Unfortunately since our stock mainly consists of small-series and unique pieces we cannot guarantee that, however, we do take pre-orders! All you have to do is send an email with your name and the picture of the desired item to You will get a notice as soon as your item is restocked and we even reserve it for you.

Pre-orders come with no responsibility, you will not be obliged to purchase the product if you happen to change your mind.

10. How often should I check your website?

We try to upload new products more times, even daily. That is why it is worth to visit us often to prevent missing the best items.

11. Have Vintage&Used labelled clothes been dry-cleaned before you sell them?

Of course!

All of our Vintage&Used clothes and shoes have been cleaned suited for their material and type. This process is carried out by a dry-cleaning company specialising in cleaning vintage pieces, which we have been working with for many years.

We offer you the Vintage Care section on the site, where we fully explain how you can keep long your old and special items.

12. Do you take over the customers’ old clothes?

Unfortunately no. We do not take over clothes from private persons because we already have the weel-tried sources and treasure troves and don’t have the possibility to revise every pieces you bring.

But you should not throw away the bored clothes. We ask you to handle them environmentally conscious and look for charity shops or containers.

13. Why aren't all your products added to your online store? Why can't I find some things online?

Originality and diversity are among our most important values when it comes to selling quality vintage and new, small scale designer clothes.

The vintage clothes we sell are from all over the world, we select them carefully from thousands of other pieces. These are timeless and unique pieces and you cannot find more than one of them.

Our current brand new designs come directly from the designers and often there is only one or two of each item. The right to copy belongs to the designer and we cannot guarantee any restocking.

Our online store is like an online window to our store with its hundreds of items, and we try to harmonise its stock with the clothes available at our stores, however, often there are only limited pieces of a certain item and they sell out before we could get around to upload them to our online store.

We encourage you all to take your time and come to our stores personally, since its the originality and uniqueness of vintage clothes that make the time and energy worth it.

Size Guide

14. How can I compare the different sizings?

Sizings may differ in each country and therefore can be various.

We have collected the most important ones for you, check our Size Guide page to simplify your shopping!

15. What size are your clothes?

Most of our new items are Free size (F) that is somewhere between sizes M and L.

Our pieces labelled Vintage&Used have different sizes which we aim to indicate.

Next to our every item you can find its exact size in centimeters, for easier identification use our Size Guide.

If you are in need of a measuring-tape you can download a  Printable measuring-tape


16. I chose the wrong method of payment. What can I do?

No big deal, here are the things you can do:

  • After choosing the payment method, you can click on "Review Order" so you can check or change your payment/shipping methods. If you found everything all right click on "Complete Order". This is an act following which you are obliged to pay, meaning that you finalize your order by that step!
  • If you have already finalized, completed your order, and you would like to change the method of payment then call +36 20 392 9171 or write to With the options "Bank Deposit" and "Personally in the shop" no payment has been made yet so we can easily delete the order. If you have already paid through PayPal or Bank Transfer then we will inform you in e-mail on what you have to do next.

17. Can I use my gift card online?

Our gift cards are only accepted in our stores within 6 months after engrossment.

If your desired item is only available at our webshop, then you can buy it with gift card at Szputnyik D20 where we keep the items listed online in a separate storage. Just ask the shop assistants for help!

18. What are the possible payment methods for webshop purchases?

When shopping through our online store your possible payment methods are the following:

  • Pay by card
    • Visa
    • MasterCard
    • Maestro
  • PayPal
  • Pay via prepay bank transfer
  • In-store pickup (settling payments in person in our store on Dohány Street)

It is also possible to pay by card at our store.

Accepted Card Types:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Maestro

While shopping at our online store you can be sure that your credit card details are safe, since our parter is the SimplePay (powered by OTP Mobile) independent payment service. Actual payment happens on their off site under the protection of the highest safety regulations.

18. Does the product include VAT?

Yes, the products are with VAT.

20. What if the system rejects my payment?

Do not worry, this could happen fr several reasons. Check the details in your own account, as your card can expire, the Secure Code is invalid.

If the problem still exists, please write and try the data of another card.

Contact your account keeping bank, maybe the problem origins there.

If you think the afore-mentioned issues are all right, please write an email to


21. I’ve transferred the money to your account, when will I get my order?

We ship your package immediately after the sum appears on our account. After that your order will be delivered to the given adress within 2 workdays.

22. Can I get my order in person?

Of course!

If you wish to get your order personally you can do so at our store on Dohány Street. All you have to do is choose the " Pick Up In Store" option when finalizing your order.

You will automatically recieve an email with all the details.

In case of an In-Store pickup you get to try on and pay for your order at Szputnyik D20.

You can also pay for your order in advance through PayPal, or band deposit or on site with either cash or card.

23. When can I get my order if I choose Pick up in store?

You can get your order at Szputnyik D20 within 3 working days from completing your order.

Please try to get it on time, however, if you cannot make it we are willing to make exceptions if you contact us trough or call +36 20 392 9171.

24. Can I ask delivery to my workplace?

Of course! You can give any addresses as a delivery address. The only thing you should pay attention to is that the billing address and the data of the card should match.

25. Is it possible to change my shipping address after completing the order?

After we recieve your payment we automatically ship your order to the address you have given before. If you would like to change it please  call +36 20 392 9171 or write to as soon as you can.

26. Who delivers my package?

All orders are delivered by GLS Parcel Service to both international and local destinations based on their relevant tariffs. To destinations inside Hungary shipping may take 3-5 workdays, in case of international orders it can take 3-7 workdays.

Guarantee and Warranty

27. Can I return online purchased items to the store?

Of course!

All matters concerning our online store are dealt with at Szputnyik shop D-20, therefore you can return your orders there.

Please contact us through +36 20 392 9171 or so we can discuss the conditions of your return.

28. My item was damaged when it arrived. What can I do?

Our products are shipped in the most adequate packages to avoid any possible damage.

If your order still gets damaged during shipment do not hesitate to contact us!

Call +36 20 392 9171 or write to

Further information under   Guarantee and warranty.

29. I recieved the wrong item. What can I do?

It is defective performance on our side, you can read about your possibilities under Guarantee and warranty.

If you happen to have further questions feel free to contact us through +36 20 392 9171 or

30. Who covers the postage cost to return items?

Returns can happen for different reasons.

Returns can happen for different reasons. If you decide to cancel the purchase then you are responsible for the additional costs, however, if we have made a mistake then, of course, we cover the return costs.

We are glad to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to call +36 20 392 9171 or write to

You can read about this topic in detail under Guarantee and warranty.

31. When will I be refunded?

We strive to refund you as soon as possible. Banks are supposed to handle transfers within four hours, according to the law. Therefore the whole sum is supposed to be transferred to your account within 1-2 days.

If the transmission is still not complete after 10 days please contact us through +36 20 392 9171 or


32. Is it safe to use my credit/debit card on your site?


We have a contract with the SimplePay (powered by OTP Mobile) which is an independent payment service. The payment happens on their off site under the protection of the highest safety regulations guarantee for maximum safety of your card details.

There is no need to provide your banking data and card number when paying through PayPal, since the payment goes through them between the seller and the buyer. To be able to use PayPal's services, an online bank account has to be created at PayPal's official site to which you can deposit or transfer money. Online purchases can be finalized following that. The transferred sum can also be withdrawn according to the current list of conditions. All transactions (deposit, transfer and recieving money) are free of charge.

Technical questions

33. I have problem with using the cart function. What is the problem?

If you have trouble with the basket content, try to click on the ‘Back’ button.

If the problem still exists, delete the cookie. All you should do to click on the ‘Tools’ on your internet browser, choose ‘Internet Options’, then click on ‘Delete Cookies’ and press ‘OK’ button.

If it does not work after all, please contact us.

34. I cannot log into my account. What can be the problem?

If our system doesn’t seem to recognise your username and password please make sure those are the ones you used at your registration. In case you have forgotten your password go to our Log-in panel then click "Send my Password”. Submit your email address once again and we will send you your password.

If you still cannot log in, then try to register again using a different password and username, or write to

35. I do not recieve your newsletter, what can I do?

That is unfortunate because you won’t be notified about our sales and events.

Please do not hesitate to contact us through so we can add your email adress to our newsletter mailing list.

Most of the time your system labels our newsletter as spam, our the reason is just a typo.

About Szputnyik Shop

36. What is Szputnyik shop?

The Szputnyik shop is the number one shop offering vintage of good quality and unique designed items in limited numbers. It is a must for ‘fashion adventurers’ with discovering mind. You find here fashionable items from the past, present which create the style of the future.

37. What is the aim of the Szputnyik shop?

Our main aim is to offer a mix of special vintage garments, accessories of good quality and unique items in limited number all for affordable prices.

We offer products from different ages, styles and trends from the 1920s to our days. The uniqueness is in the centre rather than the brand. Good quality is essential too.

Where can I find you?

38. Where cen I find your stores?

Szputnyik shop D-20

1074 Budapest, Dohány utca 20.
Tel.: +36 1 321 3730
Mon-Sat: 10.00 - 20.00
Sun: 10.00 - 18.00

39. Where can I follow you?

40. How can I contact you via email?

Feel free to contact us with any questions or remarks since this way you can help us provide better service!

Our email adresses are the following:

In case you wish to contact one of our stores directly check out our Contact Us page where you can find every information you need.