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Vintage - sustainability and value sustention

Vintage fashion means sustainability and value


Vintage pieces are items from the past that were masterpieces and real rarities in their own time, but have gotten even more valuable with time. They represent and reinvent the spirit of the era they were made in. That is why mixing vintage with contemporary design is so exciting, beacuse one gets a look that is equally nostalgic and futuristic.


Szputnyik shop’s aim is to offer unique, quality vintage clothes and accessories, Reworked, altered vintage items, popular global brands and special, limited edition designer clothes in order to help every Szputnyik shopper find the items that representi their true selves and have a self-expressing, authentic personal style. We also aim to help raise awarness for environmentally conscious consumption and sustainable fashion.

Did you know that fashion is the second most environmetally harmful industry?

The clothes that are made to last you for one season are made of synthetic materials using dangerous chemicals and hazardous methods that can be harmful not just to the environment but to people as well. Moreover, a lot of energy and water is wasted during the production of cheap, low quality clothing so that it can end up in the trash a few months later as non-biodegradable waste.

By wearing vintage and used items you save valuable, quality items from becoming forgotten, and you can reduce the amount of textile waste our society produces.


To us, collecting vintage items is more than a hobby!


It is a way to preserve and appreciate history, culture and most importantly fashion. We want the stores to be real destinations. The aim is to provide the customers with the opportunity to discover one-of-a-kind self-expressing pieces that they can’t find anywhere!

Vintage items are special, not only for their value and uniqueness, and not only for being a piece of history but also for their quality and endurance that allows them to be in perfectly wearable condition even after years from their production. Can you image the same thing about a fast fashion item? We cannot either.


We try to inspire more and more people to choose vintage treasures and be conscious shoppers.


We do this in order to preserve the values of the past and raise attention for the importance of the benefints of timeless fashion versus fast fashion. We were the first in Hungary to prove that fashion from the past can be mixed with modern trends and can create a never-before-seen atmosphere for the future.


Our first store opened in 2009 and since then we’ve come a long way. Today we have two stores int he heart of Budapest, and we also have an online store with worldwide shipping available.We are constantly working on spreading our message, and we believe that we could inspire more and more of you to lead a more sustainable and environmentally friendly lifestyle. We hope this road we’re on leads to free, unique and self-expressing personal style for our customers and a happier future for our whole planet. 



We travel the world to collect the vintage items you can find at our stores.

Our professional and dedicated team members personally select them from thousands of pieces in order to save the priceless, high quality items from becoming waste damaging our environment. The chosen items get a second chance and they become prey fro vintage hunters and a new favorite piece for their new fashion adventurer owner.

Should you be looking for the feminine silhouettes of the 20’s, the elegance of the 30’s and 40’s, the trends of later decades such as pin-up, hippie, pop or disco feelings or the pioneer styles of the 80’s you’ll find the most unique garments. From extravagant clothes to spiky blazers through party glasses you can choose from elegant hats, jewells, bags that meet the latest trends and many other accessories.


There are some treasures others don’t appreciate, but with a little bit of attention and touch ups they can be resurrected. These pieces are even more unique. Find them at our store labelled Reworked Vintage and own a piece of recycled history!