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KULTfashion Awards Ceremony and Dorothy's Legs concert

The event held on 31 May, was hosted by Bence Csalár fashion blogger. The awards were announced by Péter Szűcs, editor in chief at InStyle magazine, Szonja Lang fashion designer and Lina Edina Farkas deputy editor of PS Magazine at the renewed Szputnyik shop.


1. Dávid Gutema - 50.000 HUF

2. Judit Besze - 25.000 HUF voucher to Szputnyik shop, + 12.000 HUF worth Trafó pass for three plays

3. UNTUNE, János Péter Novák - 10.000 HUF Szputnyik shop voucher, + 10.000 HUF worth Trafó pass for 5 plays

During the event the works of the competition's applicants can be seen, the cupcakes of Reka's Cupcake Factory can be tasted, and the specially spiced, cherry spirit based Mojito, Cosmopolitan and Sex on the Balation cocktails of the Tokajhegyaljai Licquer and Spirit Manufacture can be drank. Moreover we will also have a vintage snack bar.

After the ceremony, from 8:30 pm, there was an art-pop party where everybody could dance to the alternative tunes of Dorothy's legs, the band of Lili Walters and Máté Szilágyi.

After the show, the daring photographers of Ív&Candie preserved the memories.

Let the photos do the talking:

See a video of the evening: