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Maszkura, macaron, moscauer and - 20%

Late night shopping during Design Week by Szputnyik shop

Design week has begun and you can find a -20% coupon in theri leaflet valid between 3 and 12 october.

However, we have more to offer!
We prepared a little extra in order for you to be able to browse our fall/winter vintage dresses, coats,boots and our new small scale designer collection.

On 10 October in szputnyik D20, located in the ruin pub disctrict night will bring the party on.

The music will be by Maszkura who we have worked wit before, with his accordion, his looks and his voice he will bring the black and white Budapest of the 1930s and 1940s alive. He will praise Budapest women and cheer everybody up.

He is the lead singer of Maszkura és a Tücsökraj who left hip-hop behind and started his own musical career with success.

Music won't be the only thing reminding us of the high civilian Budapest lifestyle prestigeous Daubner confectionery will bring us their pastrys with a hundred years old recipes. Cognac won't be served, however, their moscauer, coconut and chocolate pastries are a must try!

Mixing the old with the new...does this sentence ring a bell? With that being said, macarons will also be available.

You are welcome to join us on 10 October from 7pm to 10 pm at out store on Dohány street!

We hope to drink a rosé with all of you!