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2014 was our year!

At the end of each year it's time to look back and see our achievements, development, and the changes the past year brought. We encourage you to do so, until then check our past year in pictures, you were with us all along the way!

The year begun with our annual winter sale, where all our products were available for a lower price.

Sochi had inspired us to try winter olympic sports in our socialist, realist parody photoshoot where we wore our best vintage clothes from that era.

Beware, no serious elements can be found among the photos!

We had a sale event for Valentine's day, you could shop for lovely outfits for 20% less!

For the carnival season we did our best to chase winter away. The Great Gatsby inspired photo series and was a success jus as our carnival sales event.

Finally the long awaited spring had arrived and we got our newest vintage treasures . Florals and hawaiian vibes in the heart of Budapest!


Construction works begun in april so our newest store could open in 20 Dohány street. It's only a few meters away from our old location but still, Budapest's most popular vintage store just got much more attractive.

The renowation went paralell to our joined t-shirt graphic design competition with Trafó, called KULTfashion.

From the hundreds of applications a professional jury chose the best three, and an audience award was also handed out for the work with the most Facebook likes. That must had been our biggest and most popular project that year that moved loads of people all around the world.

The award ceremony was the opening party of Szputnyik D20 as well, where all could eat, drink and dance into the night.

Thank you for joining us!

With the sunny weather Wamp season begun and you could find us at both the Budapest and Vienna events all year long.

Since then it only took a few nights for festival season to arriwe, our Vintage festival photoshoot was created to inspire you.

Our annual wedding post was also connected to festivals that year so we could be your match makers that summer too!

The hashtags are: #august, #partytime, #together, #music #bubamara, #metalhead, #hippies, #weloveszigetfestival

And tht's how the week long party looked like:

October began with a big announcement: our online store was launched that has been thriving ever since!

Now, time or space cannot hold you from the Szputnyik feeling, ince we shio worldwide all year long!

We joined Design Week cultural event this year too, so in both our Budapest locations had a coupon event with discounts and our Dohány street store even had live music and sweets.

Thank you for joining us and had fun while shopping!

We had started the Christmas preparations in November, we seeked the ugliest ugly sweaters that you could wear on the International Ugly Swater Day on 12 December.

Of yourse we have our owns ugly beauties.

Do you still remember the very succesful Joy days? That year we also joined them and therefore all of you who had purchased the Magazine could shop for 20% less.

We had more treats since we also offered wine and macarons, you are welcome to join us next time, we promise we'll be the ones doing the cleaning afterwards! :)

We had a lot going on in December. First off we had an editorial on the breathtaking underground divas that was a first in the world of Hungarian fashion, since three such talented singers like Sena, Anna Pásztor and Bori Péterfy are rarely seen together. They joined forces and became our models and we had spent a really crazy day together that we'll never forget.

That was folowed by our Luca day event, then right before the Holidays we sent out countless good wishes and coupons while feeling ultimate love.

We got excited to show our our imaginary Christmas Eve, so with a quick photoshoot we did so which had become our most popular shoot of the year. That's how it's done when your co-workers are also your best friends. :)

We closed 2014 in a peaceful and happy place so 2015 could be just as energetic and happy.

It was an honor to work with so many unique, talented, hard-working and creative people, whom we can call our long-term contributors. We keep on working hard in order for things to go on like that!

We thank you, again for your inspiration in 2015, we are looking forward to 2015!

We will be there! :)