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Wear the Freedom!

Quality used Vans and Converse shoes are among our best selling products, for they are practical, comfortable and incredibly addictive. In our previous article we have looked into the past of Converse and now it's time for us to show you the story behind the other iconic brand, Vans.

Read on if you are interested in how they've started and become this popular, or if you just want to know what you're wearing day by day, and what these shoes stand for.

Exactly half century ago, in 1966, Paul van Doren owner of a rubber company had openes his first store in California, where people could order costum made rubber soled canvas shoes. This marks the birth of the iconic design: Vans Authentic. The quality, sticky rubber sole attracted local skateboarders and they started to buy Vans.

The company hadn't spent on marketing, they simply aimed to produce such persistant shoes that you simply had to share your experience of. The plan has worked. By the 1970s they had more than 70 stores in America and started to sell off to Europe as well.

Many iconic designs were born during the following years like Era, Old School and the Classic Slip-on. By 2000, they were number one on Forbes magazine's list of successful small companies in America, and in 2001 they had secured their worldwide fame by starting to sopnsor American festival series the Warped Tour.

The brand is passionate about the ones who raised them so high: sportsmen. People have won Olympic medals wearing their snowboarding shoes and they also had countless skateboard ranks bulit all over America. Competitors never change the game no matter how cheap or advanced they are, skateboarders are faithful to Vans, since it was born with the sport itself.

An iconic era, an iconic sport and an iconic place are what Vans represents. Be one of Venice Beach's skaters, wear the sneakers they experienced boundless freedom in!

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