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The newest Fjallraven Kanknen No. 2 Black Edition at Szputnyik shop! - Watch out for the fake Kankens!

It's been a year since Fjallraven products became available at Szputnyik shop, and since then many of you have found your new companions in the form of a Kanken backpack. 

The well designed pieces that are anatomically perfected to be comfortable are made of unique, durable materials and are available in many vibrant colors. Their practical shape and classic style makes us fall in love with the brand every day!

And now we'd like to introduce the newest addition to the Fjallraven Kanknen family, the No. 2 Black Edition. The clear, sophistocated minimalistic design is a breath-taking sight with its monochrome black colors. The very tasteful leather additions make this design very exclusive and make them to be the perfect accessory for weekdays and weekend hikes while still not violating the office dress code.

The new designs can be found at Szputnyik shop in Classic, Mini and 15" Laptop versions at our stores and online. The mini bags are chic but cool, so you'll be comfortable with them!

The 15" Laptop version is perfect for all who prefer to be organised and like to keep their laptops with them. You can securely hold them in a case designed just for it within the bag while still being elegant!

Kånken No. 2 Black pretty much speaks for itself: Black on black, but with a colourful personality. A monochrome friend of Kånken No 2, also made from durable, waxed G-1000 HeavyDuty with leather details. An everyday backpack with excellent longevity that is just as practical to use for school or work as it is on an outing or when travelling. The main compartment has a generous opening that makes it easy to pack and unpack. An inside back pocket has a padded seat pad made from G-1000 HeavyDuty, easy to take out when you want to sit down for a pause and when in place, it keeps the backpack’s contents from pressing against the back. Two open pockets on the sides and a zippered pocket on the front. Business card holder inside. Leather details and handles, textile shoulder straps. 


Now you have the chance to win your new beautiful Kanken No. 2 Black Edition Classic or Mini!
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Bújj bele a tökéletes karácsonyi csúnyapulcsidba, lőjj egy kreatív szelfit magadról a csúnyaságban, akár egyedül, akár barátokkal vagy családtagjaiddal és töltsd fel december 4. és 15. között az Instagram-ra .

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We were sorry to hear that these backpacks are being copied and cheap, low quality fake versions are sold online. People distribute them from their seemingly legit personal profiles on social media, and they offer these usually pricey, but lasting pieces for a fraction of their retail price. Since we are authorised partners of the Fjallraven brand, we are happy to help you identifying cheap fakes.

First of all, you should try to buy your Kankens from reliable retailers who are official partners of the original brand! If you still use to take risks, then these are what you have to pay attention to in order to recognise fake Kanken bags:


The logo

A klasszikus változatban a Kanken logója bőrből készült, fényvisszaverő réteggel bevont, piros-fehér panel. A kör alakú embléma közepén található az összegömbölyödött, ikonikus sarki róka sziluett. A Fjallraven feliratban mind két a-betűn dupla umlautnak kell szerepelnie, a Kanken szónál pedig egy darab, markáns karika található az a-betűn.

Normally, the Kanken logo is made of shiny leather, and is solely red and white.  In the middle of the circular badge, there is the curled-up iconic arctic fox siluette. The two a-s in the Fjallraven sign has two umlauts, so does the a in Kanknen.


Buttons, zippers

Mind a rézpatentokon, mind a cipzáron szerepelnie kell az egyedi sarki róka sziluettnek, ami pontos és esztétikus gravírozás eredménye.

All the copper patents, buttons and zipper handles have to have the classic curled up fox symbol engraved.


Inner tags

A legtöbb hamisítványra itt derül fény. Az eredeti Kanken-nél megtalálható egy aprócska svéd zászló belevarrva a belső zsebbe, közvetlenül a „névtábla” mellett, ahol feltüntethető a táska gazdája

It's easy to spot fake ones if you check the inside! Originals have a tiny swedish flag inside, next to where you're supposed to put your name. This, however, is only true for 2017 models, so you'll have to rely on the other details, if you're looking at an older model.

The material

Kanken Classics are made of a really unique, rigid, waxed material. It's called Vinylon F, and it's extremely durable and contributes to the quality and popularity of the brand, since it makes the bag very long lasting. It is  synthetic material, it is made from a fabric called polivynil, it has the qualities of origanic materials. Thanks to the brand's very own production Greenland Wax the material is water, wind and fade resistant. The material cannot be copied or faked since the brand owns the only factory where they produce it.

The tag

Az új termékeken található, újrahasznosított papírból készült bilétán elhelyezte a cég a svéd királyi család címerét, ami az eredeti termékeken piros-kék-arany színűnek kell lennie.

The products have a tag mede from recycled paper on which the royal coat of arms of Sweden is depicted. It should be red, gold and blue, and forgers often miss this detail and print the tags in black.

Choose sustainabily, classic design and reliable quality in the shape of a Fjallraven Kanken backpack from Szputnyik shop!