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Gift guide for anilmal lovers

Christmas shopping is a huge responsibility. We try to get the thing that makes our loved ones the happiest, the present that show them how much they mean to us. 

 We have divided our collection into categories based on who would they be the best gifts for. So don't panic, take a deep breath and read on! 

In our first article we have collected our animal themed pieces from Szputnyik shop's collection that are the perfect gifts for animal lovers! From pets through repriles, rodents and bugs, to wild animals we have them all! You can choose from many limited new designs and quality, sleected vintage clothing in many colors, sizes, price ranges for both him and her.

Either you'd like give a present to a close friend or a colleague, if you know their favorite animal you cannot go wrong!

"Seeing through a bird's eyes is a wonderful thing"

Ajánló állatbarátoknak

Find our birdy items online:ár

Don't forget that you can support our nature at Christmas as well by buying a beautiful pin from the Hungarian Ornothological and Nature Conservation Society!

Each pin can be yours in return for a 500 HUF dontaion for the protection of the birds in Hungary! Support the cause through us, and get a special pin in return. You can find them in both of our stores.

Dog life

Ajánló állatbarátoknak

For more pups follow this link:

"Soft kitty, warm kitty"

Macskás ajánló

Our kitties have their own cathegory online as well:

The wonders of the seven seas

Tengeri állatok ajánló

Captains of the forest

Erdei állatok, rókák ajánló karácsonyra

For foxes click here:óka

For the deers:őz

You can easily make an animal lover happy this Christmas if you dress them up from head to toe in their favorites, however, even one more addition to their collection can make their Holiday!

Size doesn't matter! We also have animal designed jewelry, accessories and other gifts (like colorful patches, pins and unique notebooks), so you can find the perfect gift even if you don't know the exact size of the person. Moreover, we will exchange the item untill 8. January if there's a size problem, provided the tag is intact. 

We will be waiting for you all december, and do your holiday shopping at one place!


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