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Popular searches - Boyfriend tuning: vintage specialities for your man

" Bence Csalar fashion blogger shows you a cool downtown vintage store this time, where you can turn your boyfriend into a super-trendy guy!
In my latest article, I invite you on an adveture into the past, where many amazing clothes and accessories await you. Szputnyik Shop is clearly one of Hungary's best and most exciting vintage retailers, where you can find anything from sophisticated items to the craziest ones. Vintage mania (that cannot be confused with the term second-hand) is at its peak.
Szputnyik shop's strength lies in their wide selection. They offer many funny items, but affordable subculture-related pieces are also available. The cherry on top is the fashion-themed section where you can even get a Karl Lagerfeld printed t-shirt for your stylish man..."
Article: Bence Csalar,