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Exclusive Spring Herschel selection at Szputnyik shop on SALE, 20-30-50 % off!

The Canadian brand was founded in 2009 by two brothers. They named their company after the town their family had been living in for three generations. The accessories they produce are all created in the name of reliablility, quality and endurance while playing attention to the details as well.

Since we believe in brands that stand for quality and have a heritage, Herschel was added to the list of world-famous popular brands that are available at Szputnyik shop. Here is a selection of the limited pieces you can find at our stores.

Original Herschel purses, wallets, bags and hats are now available at Szputnyik In Dohány street! Hurry, since there's only one of each of them! Moreover, the best spring Herschel items are now for 20, 30 or even 50% less during our sale at Szputnyik D-20!

Wonderful Herschel products for 20% off!

Duffle bags, laptop cases, beauty cases, pouches and hats await you for 20% less during our exclusive Herschel sale! Spring and summer colors and designs on the most practical and stylish accessories.

The most innovative new products, the packables, backpacks and totebags that can be folded into themselves for saving space for you are also here! Many colors for 20% off, from 6.390Huf (21 Eur), to 11.990 Huf (39 Eur).

Baseball caps: instead of 13.990 Huf (45 Eur) for 11.190 Huf (36 Eur)

Ipad cases: instead of 13.990 Huf (45 Eur) now for 11.190 Huf (36 Eur)

Pouches: instead of 10.970 Huf (35 Eur) for 8.775 Huf (29 Eur), wallets, ID cases: instead of 12.990 Huf (42 Eur) for 10.390 Huf (34 Eur)

Backpacks: instead of 24.925 Huf (81 Eur) for 19.940 Huf (65 Eur) and instead of 40.320 Huf (130 Eur) for 32.290 Huf (104 Eur)

Laptop bags, travel bags and totebags for women: instead of 27.900 Huf (90 Eur) now for 22.320 Huf (72 Eur), instead of 26.990 Huf (87 Eur) for 21.590 Huf (70 Eur) and instead of 21.790 Huf (71 Eur) for 17.430 Huf (57 Eur)


Basics and specialities with 30% off!

Sporty, light, formal and sophisticated pieces along with basic everyday essentials are also available for 30% off at Szputnyik D-20! Whatever your personal style or work dresscode is, you'll find a favorite among these quality and durable pieces, that are now super-affordable as well! Elegant, unique purses, ID cases and bags wait for you, but hurry, there's only one of each of them!

Genuine leather wallets and ID cases with 30% off for 11.990 Huf (39 Eur) instead of 15.990 Huf (52 Eur).

Travel bags: instead of 31.060 Huf (101 Eur) for 21.742 Huf (71 Eur) and instead of 37.200 Huf (120 Eur) for 26.040 Huf (84 Eur).

Pouch: instead of 9.990 Huf (33 Eur) now for 6.990 Huf (23 Eur)


Essential accessories with 50% off

If you have hopelessly fallen in love with the cleared out designs of Herschel and it's special details, you have nothing to worry about, since you can find the percet accessories for even half of their original price for every occasion and activity!

Choose a bag for travelling, sports or everyday errands and purchase it for 50% less! This way you can get a stylish hat, wallet or another 'love at first sight' bag as well!

Pouches: instead of 15.690 Huf (51 Eur) are now for 7.845 Huf (25,5 Eur)

Transparent Ipad cases and beauty bags: instead of 9.990 Huf (33 Eur) for 4995 Huf (16,5 Eur), genuine leather pieces instead of 31.990 Huf (103 Eur) for 15.995 Huf (51,5 Eur)

Women's tote bags, beach bags instead of 24.924 Huf (81 Eur) for 12.462 Huf (40,5 Eur) and instead of 18.600 Huf (60 Eur) now for 9.300 Huf (30 Eur)

Travel bags instead of 29.990 Huf (97 Eur) for 14.995 Huf (48,5 Eur) and instead of 26.990 Huf (89 Eur) for 13.495 Huf (44,5 Eur)

The selection is wide, get a Herschel beauty even from 8.790 Huf (29 Eur)!


Come to Szputnyik D-20 this spring and get an original, unique and quality Herschel piece with 20, 30 or even 50% off!

Don't forget that there's only one of each piece! 

Hurry, the sale is over once they're sold out!