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♬ Here are the must-see shows of SZIGET! ♬

On 8. August, our favorite, long-awaited week begins, SZIGET Festival kicks off!

The line-up is amazing, the decorations and the atmosphere is even better so everything is given for you to collect the best memories of the summer! We, the lovers of Sziget have already started the preparations, so everything can be perfect. What could prepare us more, than getting all the hottest merch of all the best performers? See you at the main stage! 

Let's start our program recommendations to see which shows are unmissable! 

Thursday, Aug. 9.

The performer we're the most excited about is Gorillaz. They're a significant band from our teenage years, and they kept being relevant even until today. Bass, melodies and wild screams - we cannot wait! 

The British virtual band was created by Blur's Damon Albarn and his cartoonist friend Jamie Hewlett. The alternative hip-hop band has many professional musicians who are not constant members, so that the music is always interesting. Virtual flow is provided by HEwlet's graphics, who created the imaginary members of the band, who are now available at our stores on t-shirts and tank tops.

You can catch Cigarettes After Sex on the same day on A38 stage. A real refreshment for the music industry ever since 2008. Dream pop, shoegaze, ambient pop and slowcore are mixed on their tracks. The venue will be full, for sure, cigarette smoke is guaranteed and Affection or Truly will probably start their show making everyone move. 

Friday, Aug. 10 

On Friday, the party starts at six, since the Kooks will step on the main stage. Our romantic yet rebellious teenagers selves will surface, and we will definitely be jumping around. The band started off in Brighton in the early 2000s and teh international music scene is crazy about them ever since. Indie is backs, so this gig is compulsory! See you at the main stage and have the same amount of fun we had in the 2000s!

Right after them, Parov Stelar gets up on the stage and so the dancing begins. The Austrian musician plays electroswing and downtempo and even though he is here every year, we cannot get enough!

The cherry on top will be Lana Del Rey with her melancholic and emotional ballads. Her genre is undefinable, she once called herself the gangster Nancy Sinatra. We love her nonetheless! Her songs take us back to the romantic film-like fifties and sixties and even her lyrics are inspired by noir. Let her wake your soul and let her fly you to a black and white movie.

Saturday, Aug. 11.

Bastille, the creators of the modern British hymns will be the first to perform on the main stage that day. The indie pop band is famous for their amazing live shows. Their songs will bring back all the happy memories of the past few summers. It will be their 3rd show in our beautiful country, and we're sure it will be just as good as the previous two!

Next up is yet another British musical sensation, Mumford and Sons. Weeping guitars and folk-rock will make the atmosphere cathartic. Their literature inspired lyrics will take you on cloud 9!

Fink is the next show we will not miss on Friday. A38 tent will be loud with trippy melodies with blues, dub, indie and trip hop elements. Give yourself to the flow and the unique atmosphere of Sziget Fesztival. 

Get your fave band's t-shirt or tank top at our stores or order it online from our SZIGET collection and be free on the Island of Freedom!