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Sustainability, classical design and modern style - Fjällräven Kånken backpacks at Szputnyik shop

In addition the very popular Paez shoes we've been selling since spring and Skullcandy earbuds and headphones that are available in the form of a Pop-up store, we have one more big surprise for this summer!

Swedis brand Fjällräven backpacks are available at Szputnyik shop!

These bags are famous all over the world and they have arrived to Szputnyik shop too. Now you can see the types we will have and get to know the brand!

Fjällräven's story begins with the uncomfortable schoolbags of the 1950's. Åke Nordin got fed up with the torture going to school with his horrible bag meant and decided to change the world for the kids of the future. He had established his brand in 1960, without yet knowing that he is about to change the history of outdoor clothing. Today Kånken bags are much more than a fashion statement; they are a commitment to old values and sustainable and ethical fashion. Since these bags represent both the past, by their nearly forty years old design, and the future, with their modern attitude, it was clear that Szputnyik shop's costumers need to be able to get them!

The Kånken design was born in 1978 when 80% of the Swedish population was proven to have had back pain in their lives. The cause of that was thought to be the fashionable sidebag of the era that schcoolkids wore every day. Åke Nordin found a solution that solved the problem by dividing the weight equalliy on both shoulders, and thanks to the quality materials and the method of production the backpacks have proven extremely durable. Today both children and adults are wearing Kånken all around the world and more colors and sizes are available than ever, now at Szputnyik shop as well. Choose your new Kånken carefully, it will be your companion for a long time!

Szputnyik shop did not only bring you the backpacks that have been popular for nearly four decades, but at the same time with the world premiere, the newest more sustainable than ever, Re-Kånken design will also be available in six colors!

Visit us during the last month of summer and fall in love with a comfortable, fashionable backpack that is harmless for both the environment and your spine, and start a stylish new school year!

These are the Kånken designs you can find at Szputnyik, you can also check the out in our online store:

Fjällräven means arctic fox in swedis, it does not come as a surprise then that the brand aims to help this extremely endangered species. Every year they present a limited edition Kånken backpack and by buying one of them you help the research of saving the artic fox with 10 Euros. The 2016 edition of Save the Arctic Fox Kånken is also available at Szputnyik shop! 


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