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Get the Look - Depeche Mode

Get the Look - Depeche Mode

The British electronic rock duo has been active ever since the 1980s and has given countless popular anthems to the world. The iconic frontmans broke herts all over the world, and inspired the fashion industry. 
The band is Depeche Mode, and they're coming to Budapest on 2. February!

Both their music and personal styles are emblematic, they made classic rocker items fashionable and matched them with neon extravaganza, successfully. 

kedvenc Depeche Mode által inspirált szettünk

They mainly wear black with occasional studs and metallic elements. Leather is essential and the dandy items give them a cool, elegant looks. 

They used to wear jackets and suit pants on many occassions and this look became the signature of the frontment, Dave Gahan. Wild, yet classy. We love it!

Depeche Mode a Szputnyikban

Here are our favorite Szputnyik outfits inspired by their looks. Perfect for any fan out there!


Budapest VII., Dohány u. 20.



Budapest VI., Király u. 22. (Káldy u. 1.)