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Grammy Awards - Velvet in the spotlight

As 2018 has begun, so has the awards season, allowing celebrities to shine in their most unique designer dresses on the red carpet.

On January 28, the jubilee 60. Grammy Awards was held, and dozens of stars appeared to celebrate the bests of the profession. They know no bounds when it comes to fashion, both divas and the gentlemen wore the most exclusive compositions .

There were quite a few trends represented on the red carpet, however, we would like to focus on one in particular: velvet. 

We've already mentioned the fact that Szputnyik shop really likes to work with velvet because of its special texture and shine. Now, that celebrities stepped on the red carpet in this unique, soft material, we have even more reasons to obsess over it. 

The uncrowned queen of pop, Beyoncé was one of the biggest stars of the event when she appeared in her ebony velvet dress and instantly attracted the attention of the photographers and guests. We love her outfit too!

This year, not only the ladies, but the gentlemen could wear the velvet properly: they choosed the most colorful pieces to cheer up their appearence, and managed to stand out from the sea of beautiful gowns. 

We are here to inspire you to wear velvet too, either at an official event or even during weekdays, you can bring a little spark into your outfit!

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