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Kanken is Art - The brand new collection at Szputnyik shop!

It's been more than a year since FJÄLLRÄVEN Kanken backpacks became available at Szputnyik shop, and now we have brought to you the newest colllection of these beauties, so you can find the one reflecting you the most!

The main characteristics of the bags are the same, they are perfect companions to school, work, travel and hikes. They are not harmful to your back, since the general idea behind the design was to protect swedish schoolchildren from the weight they had to carry all day long. This project was so successful that even adults started to wear these classic, minimalistic and fashionable backpacks.

  • Size: 38 x 27 x 13 cm
  • Volumetric capacity: 16 l
  • Material: durable Vinylon F, that is restant to dirt and moisture
  • The zipper opens the whole main compartment
  • Side pockets, and a front pocket
  • Removable polifoam seat cover inside
  • Thin, adjustable straps and double handles

You can find more information on this popular design here:

Kanken Frost Green- Chess



A really speciall classic, Frost Green backpack is now available with a skater spin, with checked straps. The straps are colored in two blueish mint color shades to cheer gloomy days up!

Find it online here:

Kanken Deep Red- Folk 

The nex in line is this deep red color with tribal prints on its straps. Bohemian looks are quaranteed with this precious motive.

Find it online here:

 Kanken Warm Yellow- Random Block


This brand new warm yellow edition shows you how a colorful bag can have prints on them while still being minimalistic and sophisticated. The straps are colorful so your winter looks won't be dark either! 


Along with our new collection, printed backpack we also have nearly 40 different colors, so anyone can find the one reflecting their personalities the most. This bag will be your companion for years so take your time when making your decision! Here is a selection of our newest arrivals.

Black- Ox Red

If you are bored with simple backpacks and looking for something cool, then this bag is for you! The deep red strap matches the brand's logo very well and so this bag will make your look more united.

Webshopon itt találod:

Leaf Green

Are a lover of nature? Does green color calm you? Or are you just bored with the greyness of the city? Then this leaf green beauty is for you! Whatever the season this bag will make you feel closer to nature, not to mention is matches many other colors, too. 

Find it online here:

Blue Ridge

A sophisticated color that matches nearly everything. Pastell blue is a really natural color, and turns your looks more natural, too. Perfect for women and men who would like to wear the colors of the sky!

Find it online:

Royal Blue

This deep blue bag is perfect for nature lovers, just like the previous model, however with its deepes shade it gives you a more elegant look all year long. Perfect for you if you love the blues. 

Get it online:

Ox Red- Royal Blue

Related to Royal Blue, this Kanken is dominated by the deep red, and the elegant blue gives it more texture. We have notices you like this color and we understand, as it gives your look some creative and colorful vibes and lets you experiment with colors.

Find it:


This unique burgundy shade has been one of the most popular colors and it is here to stay. This classic is one of our favorites, as it is a warm ray of light on the scale of Kanken shades.

Get it online:


Fjallraven is the master of colors, this dark purple piece is the proof of that. This design has a light, lavender colored strap. Perfect to everyone with a sporty and colorful look. 

Get it on the webshop:


This orchid color is not only fresh and pretty in its name, but its shade is also like that. This lilac-pink shade reflects innocence, fimininity and sophistication that matches the urban vibes perfectly. 

Find it online:


If you have already found the Fjallraven Kanken color matching you the most, then get it under the Christmas tree! Visit any of our stores, Szputnyik D20 and K22, or browse our online collection!


Find our Fjallraven Kanken backpacks online here: