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''I believe a woman has to radiate a sensitive strength" - Bíborka Bocskor's Szputnyik favorites

Bíborka, singer of Hungarian band Magashegyi Underground, has been our muse for long, and she happily offered her help, when we asked her to do a Christmas gift guide for you. Enjoy her Szputnyik favorites, that are all available at our Dohány steet store in Budapest. Perfect gifts for all women!

Pink faux fur vest:  30,00

,,The fist thing I notec when I entered was this pink faux fur vest. I like it, because my current favorite color is millenial pink, and it was a hard transition for me from wearing all black all the time."

Printed vintage blouse: € 20,00  

,,I'd choose a blouse to the vest, since I relly like these items, I believe a woman has to radiate a sensitive strength and blouses help us with that. This one has an especially beautiful pattern. "

Yellow vintage pants: € 25,00

,,I also added a pair of yellow pant, because I prefer trousers in winter and this design and color look really cool."

Golden pleated unisex watch: 13,30

,,This outfit'd go perfectly with a wristwatch that looks really lovely on a woman. I believe thise who wear watches are not giving in to the social pressure of being constantly on their phones, instead they show the world that they're strong and independent from all the rules."

Red sunglasses: 10,00

,,A fun pair of sunglasses can be really important when it coes to grim outfits in winter."

Hat with teddy ears: € 23,30

,,I'd love to get this hat as a present, and I would gladly give it to one of my girlfriends. PErfect for cold weather and gives you a "fluffy teddybear" look."


If you agree that. colors and humor are essentials in winter, too, then you should pop in to any of our stores and get any of Bíborka's favorites for yourself or for your loved ones!

Bíborka, a Magashegyi Underground énekesnője hosszú ideje a múzsánk, és nagy örömünkre szívesen vállalta felkérésünket egy karácsonyi ajánló elkészítésére.