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Herschel spring jackets at Szputnyik shop!

 Herschel dzsekik a Szputnyikban


Spring is here, and so is unpredictable weather. It has it's beauty and with a brand new Herschel wind coat or rain jacket you'll get though it stylishly and most of all, dry. 

Get to know our inventory of Herschel items and get your favorite at Szputnyik shop D20 or our online.

The Rainwear collection

Böngészd a Herschel esőkabátjait!

Rainwear rain coats are produced through the newest technology and are made of a 100% waterproof polyester coated stretch material. Herschel quality, stylish design and waterproof seams make these models more unique. 

Rainwear Hooded Coach Jacket

Herschel Rainwear Coach kabátok a Szputnyikban

Durable and water resistant material and loose elegance. It's a basic piece for all outdoor activities.


  • Standard Fit - uitable for all body shapes
  • Durable, strong seams
  • Waterproof polyester coated material
  • Soft-touch interior
  • Front closure with metal snaps
  • Hood
  • Two front welt pockets with metal snaps
  • Elastic cuffs

Price: €  95,86 

Tavaszi Herschel alapdarabok a Szputnyikban

Rainwear Poncho

 Herschel Rainwear Poncho

Stylish and comfortable design. Just throw it on whenever it starts to rain. It's poncho shape makes it even more special. It'll cheer you whole outfit up while protecting you from the weather. 


  • Relaxed Fit - oversize look
  • Durable, strong seams
  • Waterproof polyester coated material
  • Soft-touch interior
  • Two front pockets
  • Hood
  • Has snaps at the hemlines, so it'll stay in place while you wear it

Price: € 95,86

Színes HErschel esőkabátokat is találhatsz a Szputnyik shopban!


A Voyage kollekció

A Herschel Voyage kollekció

Light and practical design, the can be stored in an in-bulit pocket so you can easily take them wherever you go.

Voyage Wind Poncho

Herschel Poncho

Comfortable and stylish protection from the wind and light rain. It's practical design and light material let's you take it with anywhere and it'll protect you from the unpredictable weather. 


  • Relaxed Fit - oversize look
  • Windproof water resistant material
  • Front pocket with snap
  • Two additional pockets
  • Hood
  • Snaps at the hemlines

Price: € 95,86 

Herschel Wind Poncho Print

Voyage Wind Jacket

Herschel Wind Coack kabátok a Szputnyikban!

Water resistant material and cleared-out design make this model a perfect choice for any more elegant outdoor activity. Can easily be part of your everyday wardrobe. It has big pockets which make it even more practical and comfortable. 


  • Standard Fit 
  • Light water resistant material
  • Zippers in front
  • Pockets that can be closed
  • Hood

Price: € 89,46

Voyage Coach Jacket

Hrschel Voyage Wind Coach a Szputnyikban

With metal snaps in front and with the highest Herschel quality, this model is the perfect transitional coat.It's comfortable, light and protective at the same time. 


  • Standar Fit 
  • Lihgt, water resistant material
  • Front pocket with metal snap
  • Two additional pockets
  • Metal snaps in front
  • Turnover collar
  • Elastic cuffs and drawcord hemline

Price: € 79,88

Voyage Wind Anorak

Voyage Wind Herschel Anorak a Szputnyikban

The recreation of a classic outdoor design. Its oversize front pockets function as hand warmers on colder days and as storage for your essentials on any other day. 


  • Relaxed Fit 
  • Windproof and water resistant material
  • A big pocket in front with a snap
  • Two additional pockets
  • Hood

Price: €  55,91 instead of 70,80  Voya dzsekik a könnyed hétköznapokhoz!

Visit our D20 store, or shop online to keep stylish and dry during spring, too!


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