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Szputnyik Sziget Fesztivál Shop 2012

Sziget Festival holds its 20th jubilee this year and we are more than happy to join on site and celebrate!
Last year alone the Sziget had nearly 400,000 visitors. The massive festival is covering most of Óbuda Island.

There are plenty of exciting stages and locations to visit. One of them is the SZPUTNYIK TENT on JOHN LENNON AVE.
Make sure you stop by when wondering around. You can also put your hands on a piece from the very first SZPUTNYIK TEE COLLECTION! ♥
After funny sunglasses, wigs, crazy customs or wedding veils? Lost your shoes when jumping around? Only feel the need of a clean tee or sweatshirt? There will be more stuff on stock than you could possibly imagine. You do not have to believe us, COME AROUND & CHECK ON US! Cheers and see ya!