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The Budapest Feeling

budapest vintage

It’s not just by chance, that more and more foreign youngsters choose Budapest, our beautiful capital as their key destination. The unique atmosphere of budapestian nights, and the enchanting world of ruin bars make their personalities shine, awaken their creativity and let them enjoy the most amazing moments of their lives.

That extraordinary and unique milieu is what Szputnyik shop keeps reviving in fashion. The encounter of an old and the new world materialize on the shelves of these popular stores. The fusion of the past and the future comes alive there, just like in the ruin pubs of downtown, that have become main tourist attractions of the city.
pásztor anna sena
In order to emphasize that world and its concept Szputnyik’s new, exciting photo series was born, truly representing the main slogan of the vintage shop, that unique style never goes out of fashion. Those underground divas are starring in the pictures, who stand for the real ,,szputnyikian” spirit with their looks. Bori Péterfy, Anna Pásztor and Sena lead us into the collision of the store and the sparkling nightlife, because they are the ones who show their true selves every day, living the hidden visions of their fantasises both in their art and in their attitude towards fashion.
péterfy bori sena
„It is always a great pleasure to meet and spend time with colleagues like Bori Péterfy and Sena; they are funny, tough, through and cool… moreover, I knew that working with a crew like that – including Márk Kiss, stylist, who I adore and ever since I’ve met him I am not willing to work with anyone else – with them the atmosphere would not get awkward, we can loosen up and be ourselves. I love Szputnyik, that is where I’ve been getting my clothes from for nearly five years now. Their vintage pieces always have character and history, moreover, I live and perform in their unique tops and t-shirts, which really are my sweethearts. Overall, I can only recommend them to those who wish to be more colorful and repell uniformity.”- says Anna Pásztor.

sena pasztor anna
Check out the werk video of the photoshoot below:

corvin tető
The icing on that particular cake is that the Szputnyik webshop has been launched, therefore, the stock of these unique stores is now just a few clicks away. It is not a coincidence, since the shop’s creative crew does not only wish to make the past and its wonderful memories part of our everyday life, but innovation and open-mindedness are also very important to them. In the end, everyone deserves to be able to express themselves!
petrefy bori ibolya presszó

What does Szputnyik have to offer those who visit them?
Stylish clothes and accessories, and of course an unforgettable atmosphere, where everyone can blossom and be themselves.
sena anna bori
Follow Szputnyik into an adventurous night, where there are no boundaries and anything can happen!

Photo: Dániel Nemeslaki
Assistant of photography: Ádám Markus
Models: Anna Pásztor, Bori Péterfy, Sena
Styling: Kissmárk
Stylist assistant: Dalma Szőcs
Hair stylist: Zsanett Fábián
Make-up artist: Eszter Magyar
Werk: Jácint Jónás
Venues: Ibolya espresso, Corvintető