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World Water Day - Let's celebrate in blue!

March 22. is World Water Day and this year it's more crucially important than ever!  On this day environmental organizations try to raise attention to the damage and pollution we cause to our own planet and emphasize the importance of water.

A 2018-as Víz világnapjának, ami idén március 22-ére esik, nem véletlenül az a szlogenje, hogy "Védd természetesen!". A környezetvédő szervezetek fokozottan szeretnék felhívni az emberek figyelmét a környezetünk pusztítására, és az egyik legtörékenyebb ökoszisztémára, a vízre. Minden évben más szemszögből próbálják kiemelni a víz fontosságát, idén a fenntarthatóságé a szerep.

The base of all life forms on our planet, our biggest treasure is water. We take it for granted, however, it really needs our appreciation and care. We pollute and waste it day by day while on the other side of the same planet it counts as real treasure by now. 

On World Water Day 2018 it's important to pay even more attention to "green living", the protection of the environment, of our forests, rivers and lakes.

Environmental consciousness begins in our everyday lives, with the things we wear and buy. We have collected our favorite water themed items from our online store that can inspire you not only on World Water Day, but also every day to take care of our waters. 

For Mermen

Úszónadrágok nem csak férfiaknak, vidám mintákkal

Find our shorts here.

halas férfi polók

T-shirts are available here and here, the ocean themed notebook can be your after clicking here.

For Mermaids

Víz tematikájó, halas, bálnás termékek

Ocean themed women's t-shirt for mermaids: here, here and here.
Halas trikóink
Colorful sea creatures on tank tops! Get yourself a shark, a polip or some whales!

Small sea creatures

If you are looking for water-themed accessories, then look no more!kitűzők és fülbevalók tengeri állatokkal

Nautical pins and earrings are also available at our online store.


Fun patches also await you!

Vizes táskáink

Fish printed gybags and a Save The Arctic Fox Kanken backpack are also for water lovers By purchasing the latter you support the highly endangered arctic foxes.

Vintage waterworld

Wearing vintage already is a step towards the protection of the environment since you save clothes from becoming non-degradable waste. Moreover, since fast fashion companies waste a lot of water while producing their products you help by not supporting them with your purchase. They often get dangerous chemicals leaked into the ground and into our water.

Save the environment and wear vintage, or raise attention to these issues by wearing a water themed item! 

Vintage kékségek


 Water inspired, unique vintage dresses and men's shirts are also available!

Be the voice of sustainability and help save our waters!

Find more inspiring items at our stores and online store.